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How to play poker online and types of game?

Poker becomes a very popular game and people like online poker rather than live. If you are a beginner and never know about it then don’t worry. However, in this article, you will learn how to you play poker online and its type. But before that, we will talk about online and live poker. If you are thinking about why you should choose online poker then the answer is here. When you play an online game you don’t need to visit any casino and you can save your time. Moreover, you can play the online game anytime and anywhere. However, online poker has many benefits. But first, talk about how you will get start playing the poker online.

Poker online

How you start to play poker online

For playing poker you need to download this game via visit gpqq. Moreover, after download and installation you have to make account. However, after that, you can choose any game and play here. If you want to play free then you can play because, you will get some free games too on the online poker.

Types of poker game

Texas hold’em-

However, this is the most popular game in the poker world. In this game every player dealt two private hands and five-card face up on the round table. Moreover, each player needs to make the best combination of seven-card by using a face up card.

Pot limit omaha-

This is another most popular game and very easy to play. However, in this game, each player needs to deal with four private hands. And additionally, another five community hands are face up on the round board. Moreover, the player needs to make a combination of five best cards by using two private cards and three combination cards.

Crazy pineapple-

This is another best game and in this game, we need to deal with three hole cards.

However, you get many other games on online poker. Moreover, you can choose multi-table option here.