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How to Play the Game of Poker Online?

Online Poker is an exciting game played ever. People all over the world like to play the games of poker due to the distinguishing blend of chance, action and skill. An object of this game is making best 5 card poker hand using your 2 hole cards and 5 community cards. This game makes use of 2 blind structures: small and big– and forced bets will encourage action. Poker betting begins with player sitting on the left of a dealer and starts in the clockwise direction. Player on the left side of a dealer posts some small blind and player to left posts on big blind. There’s a wide range of the poker but we are going to discuss about playing poker online.

Poker Online

Your Complete Poker Guide

  1. Go to the online poker site and register on the website to make an account.
  2. When you log in, you have to click on the play poker & directed to your game lobby where you may select to play at any table.
  3. There you have the choice of playing either poker free online that is real cash games or freeroll games. You may use Freeroll chips for playing free poker games and deposit money for playing the cash games.
  4. Select the buy-in amount & join this game.
  5. Every player is dealt two hole cards (pocket cards) and first betting round begins. It is a first phase of your game and known as ‘Pre-Flop’. You can get the option to Check, Fold, and Call or Raise during the betting.
  6. The 3 community cards (board cards) will be dealt on a game table and second betting round begins. First active player on the left of a dealer seat begins the betting. The phase is known as ‘Flop’.
  7. Now fourth card will be dealt, and another betting round happens in a same way as earlier and the phase is known as ‘Turn’.
  8. Finally fifth and last community card will be dealt on a game table. After that final round of the betting before showdown happens, with first active player on the left of dealer seat the betting first and the phase is named as ‘River’.
  9. It is a ‘Showdown’ stage where every player in a game makes 5card hand combination by using 2 hole cards and 5 community cards.


Thus, practicing different formats can help you to understand its math part, read the opponents as well as situations better, thus it is worth giving one try.